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How Revenue-Based Financing Can Help Your Florida Business Thrive

With a fast-growing tourism industry and a powerful economy, Florida is a small business paradise, but running a business always comes with unique challenges and regulations. Inventory financing, general maintenance and unexpected expenses can put pressure on any company and the rules around financing your company can be confusing. Revenue-based financing is there to help, and Mantis Funding can answer all your questions about financing a company in the state of Florida!

How to Obtain Revenue-Based Financing in Florida

At Mantis Funding, obtaining revenue-based financing in Florida is designed to be smooth and efficient. An essential first step is to complete our application and gather your financial documentation from your business bank account via our partner Plaid; additional documentation may be required.

When considering revenue-based financing, having a clear understanding of your financial needs and the purpose of the capital is essential. This clarity enables us to offer financing solutions that align with your business objectives. We have a wide range of funding options, and an in-depth understanding of your business requirements ensures that we find the most fitting solution for you.

The application process at Mantis Funding is straightforward and focuses on user-friendliness. All you’ll need to do is complete our application, provide financial documentation of your business bank account through our partner Plaid; additional documentation may be required.

Next, our team of experts will review your application and assess your business’s potential and overall health rather than solely relying on credit scores.

1. Apply now for Small Business Funding in Florida

Taking the first step towards securing small business funding in Florida with Mantis Funding is straightforward. Our application process is designed to be fast and user-friendly, asking for key information about your business and its financial standing. To get started, simply fill out our online application form.

2. Chat with Our Experts

Mantis Funding’s knowledgeable team of professionals is ready to assist you in navigating the financial landscape. By contacting our experts, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and resources that can help tailor financing solutions to your business’s unique needs. Our team is committed to understanding your objectives and providing guidance that aligns with your business goals.

3. Secure Financing for Your Small Business

Securing financing through Mantis Funding can be a pivotal step in your business’s growth journey. Our revenue-based financing solutions offer the flexibility and support your business needs to thrive without the constraints of traditional lending. Alongside our financial solutions, you also benefit from the guidance our expert team has to offer. At Mantis Funding, we are here to help you make informed decisions for your business’s future.

Why Should Florida Businesses Choose Mantis Funding?

Mantis Funding creates customized financing solutions that meet your needs and help your established business prosper in the Sunshine State.

  • Customer-specific financing offers
  • No need to rely on a perfect credit score
  • Flexible repayment plans
  • High-standard of customer service
  • A fast, hassle-free process
  • Trustworthy and knowledgeable about Florida revenue-based financing

Revenue-Based Financing in Florida FAQs

What is Revenue-Based Financing?

Revenue-based financing is a type of funding where small businesses obtain working capital in exchange for a percentage of their future revenue.

How Can Revenue-Based Financing Be Beneficial for Me?

Revenue-based financing offers the advantage of flexible payments, either on a daily or weekly basis. This type of financing is also generally quicker to obtain than traditional options, making it ideal for fast-growing businesses needing prompt funding.

Do I Qualify for Revenue-Based Financing in Florida?

Revenue-based financing qualification with Mantis Funding in Florida depends on a business’s revenue, duration of operation, and financial health.

What Do I Need to Get Started on Applying for Revenue-Based Financing in Florida?

To apply for revenue-based financing with Mantis Funding in Florida, you will need to complete our application and provide financial documentation from your business bank account via our partner Plaid. Additionally, having a clear plan for how you intend to use the funds can help streamline the application process.

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