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Not able to meet your business’s current cash needs? No problem. The revenue-based financing model is an agreement that exchanges working capital for a set amount of your business’s future revenue streams. To help you succeed, we offer funding ranging from $5,000 to $500,000.

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  • Business has been operational in the U.S. for more than 6 months
  • Own 50% or more of the business
  • Minimal credit score check, low credit scores OK!

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Businesses We Serve

At Mantis Funding, we’re equipped to fund businesses across a wide variety of industries, from retail to healthcare. Select your industry below to learn more about our revenue-based financing solutions.


The construction industry is fast-paced and issues like finding qualified workers, purchasing new equipment, and supply chain demands can all cripple business owners.
With Mantis Funding, you can put funds toward a variety of necessities, like:

  • Marketing your company
  • Purchasing new technology
  • Hiring new employees

Don’t let financial setbacks stand in your way. Keep projects moving and employees happy with revenue-based financing today.

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Food & Beverage

Economic downturns and recessions impact the restaurant industry, just as they would any other business. To stay competitive during bleak times, restaurants must be innovative and use their funds to the best of their abilities. Our funding solutions can be put toward objectives, such as:

  • Covering payroll
  • Investing in new equipment like food trucks
  • Expanding marketing initiatives

With revenue-based funding through Mantis Funding, you can survive rough patches and thrive during hard times.

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Medical Store

Increased regulations and tight margins can all impact medical stores’ bottom lines. Keeping your customers happy with an extensive inventory can help you stay ahead of the competition. Use Mantis Funding in your medical stores for projects, such as:

  • Completing renovations
  • Purchasing new inventory
  • Expanding training and hiring initiatives

Invest in your medical store today with revenue-based funding so you can focus on delivering high-quality service to your trusted clientele.

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The trucking industry has faced several major challenges in the last few years. In these times of employee shortages, rising fuel prices, and global supply chain disruptions, you have to make sure your trucking business doesn’t run into any speed bumps.

  • Revenue-based funding for your construction business can be put toward:
  • Competitive salaries for employees
  • Increased safety and compliance training
  • Covering insurance costs

While limits on driving time can still wreak havoc on the trucking industry, revenue-based funding can provide you the financial relief you need to bolster any weak areas in your business.

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Changing consumer behavior and rising commodity prices can all have negative impacts on the automotive service industry. Keeping up with new technology and finding qualified workers can help you turn the tide in your company’s favor. With revenue-based funding, you can:

  • Expand marketing initiatives and target customer base with new incentives
  • Purchase inventory that is in high demand
  • Partner with new suppliers to lower manufacturing costs

Don’t leave the success of your automotive business up to chance. Instead, partner with Mantis Funding and learn more about how revenue-based funding works today.

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Entertainment Services

Nightclubs and bars across the U.S. have seen their industry disrupted in the wake of the pandemic, which has left many business owners wondering how to get ahead. With changing consumer habits, razor-thin margins, and skeleton crews, it’s important to do whatever it takes to create a top-notch customer experience. Revenue-based funding allows you to:

  • Renovate your bar
  • Pay for new equipment
  • Cover rent and other operational expenses

Revenue-based funding can help your business navigate challenging times. Mantis Funding can support your entertainment business in staying on the map.

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What Types of Personalized Funding Are Available to Me?

A small business owner can rely on several personalized sources of funding, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Small business owners can apply for SBA-backed financing, revenue-based financing, take out a line of credit through debt funding, or even approach their friends and family for help.

What Is the Most Common Source of Funding for Small Businesses?

One of the most popular sources of financing for small businesses is securing funds through venture capitalists, which provide a set amount of capital in exchange for a percentage of the business. Business owners may need to give up 25-50% of their company or more when working with venture capitalists.

What Are The Advantages of Revenue-Based Financing for My Small Business?

Your business will benefit from revenue-based financing for a variety of reasons. First off, you don’t need to sacrifice any equity or control over your business. Your vision and direction for your business will remain yours. Secondly, business owners will receive their cash quickly and won’t need to worry about a months-long drawn-out application process. Plus, payment terms are flexible and customized to your company’s needs. This is especially vital if you have slower seasons or run on a cyclical cycle, but still need funds to cover payroll or make necessary repairs.

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